Monday, September 23, 2013


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26 has been a hell of a ride. It was perfect in every way. Here's a list of the greatest hits:
  • Went to Austin (a million times),  Lima, Cusco, Tahoe, Detroit, Las Vegas, Carmel, Paris, Dublin, Seattle and Forks. 
  • Started on a health journey and changed the way I eat and exercise changed my life. 
  • Had the honor of being in my best friend Misha's wedding in Austin.
  • Hosted a ton of great visitors at my apartment. 
  • Celebrated the nuptials of Shannon and Ivan in Peru! 
  • Hiked the Inca Trail with my sister and experienced 4 days of awesome with a great group of friends. 
  • Completed circus training with Sunday and made the call that we were done with training. 
  • Moved to Alamo Square park in San Francisco and bought a purple couch. 
  • Got promoted at work. 
  • Went blond.
  • Did a roadtrip to Forks, WA to check out Twilight highlights. 
  • Bought a matte black and magenta road bike and have clocked nearly 100 miles. 
  • Went to OutsideLands and saw a Beatle, Chic and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
  • Celebrated the end of 26 by hosting a purple potluck at my house. My awesome friends all wore purple, brought purple food, and generally made it an amazing success. I love them. 
Excited for 27. Carpe-fucking-diem.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

My weekly 5

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This isn't a face I ever expected after an hour of crazy hard exercise*. I've never liked to exercise. In fact, I've always hated it. I don't like sweating and I've always been terrified of pushing my body to its limit. So what changed? Well, I did. It started with a visit to the doctor. They told me my cholesterol and my blood sugar weren't looking great. What? I was 25, well educated, and had a great job with not only healthy food choices but a free gym program. I had absolutely no reason to be in the shape I was in. Something had to give.

I started with food and cut out grains, but after 6 months of eating Paleo I wasn't getting where I wanted to be. So last April, I started working out 2 -3 days a week and that went awesome for a few months, but again, things were going too slow. I started to feel like 2-3 days a week was just a waste of time if I wasn't hitting my goal. In June, I increased my workouts to 5 days a week and BOOM everything changed. I snapped out of my plateau. I became this version of myself I didn't know existed. This person who got excited about each upcoming workout and this person who moves mountains (and meetings) to hit the weekly 5. My weekly 5 is non-negotiable. My progress is non-negotiable.

Things I've noticed since I started my weekly 5:
  • I'm more aware of my body than I ever have been. Because I am so much more physically active, I know exactly when I haven't eaten enough, too much or not correctly. It's now  plain crazy to me to think of how out of touch I was with my own physical health. It's not even just crazy, it's scary.
  • I'm happier at work. Not only do I have a midday break to look forward to,  but I'm generally more alert and engaged on the projects I'm working on. I used to mind my long commute, but now it is just part of getting me to my next workout. ;)
  • I've stopped cheating. In the beginning, I would justify a little here or a little there. It isn't really worth it to me anymore. This journey is about me and no one else. So why would I sabotage my progress? In August, I stopped drinking and eating dairy and I haven't picked it back up. It just doesn't align with my goals.
  • Holy shit, I'm constantly thinking about my fitness/weight goals. That is new. I've made this a priority in my life and I don't have time or energy for things to get in my way. I've never felt that strongly about anything and it feels really powerful. I don't care about things I have to give up. I care about me.
Overall, my life is changing in a pretty awesome way. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how good I feel and I can barely articulate how it feels to be in control of something that has always been so out of control. It is so just effing amazing.

*Wednesday Workout
Warmup drills: high knees, burpees, squats, pushups, inchworms, butt kicks, lunges.
-10 Pull ups
-1 min KB swings
-10 Push ups
-1 min Double Unders
-10 Dead lifts (75lbs)
-1 min jump squats
[2x through, 1 time through the cardio drills (1 min each)] 
650 calories burned

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


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August has been a crazy awesome month. I've been working on my health goals. This isn't limited to making sure I exercise and eat correctly, but it also means I'm working on getting enough sleep, spending time outside and challenging myself to do things that scare me. I have a goal and I'm obsessed.

I want to lose 50lbs and I'm going to do it in the next 6 months. 

Losing 50lbs means the following: 
  • I'll be at a healthy BMI. 
  • I'll fit in a size M for the first time ever and wear a size 6-8 jeans. 
  • I'll shop at Anthropologie for the first time (and not just in the home and accessories section). 
  • I'll run a half marathon and kill it. 
  • I'll do a pullup. 
  • I'll get a tattoo (maybe). 
Over the last month, I've kicked things into high gear.
  • I've been working out 5xs a week. I've never worked out so much in my life. My HRM says that I've worked out over 20:24hrs and burned 13,677 calories in the past 4 weeks 
  • I cut out dairy and sugar. I thought dairy was going to be hard, but I did it. 
  • I've lost 10lbs, a pant, and shirt size. I'm back in a L/12 for the first time in ages. 
  • I cleaned and front squatted 65lbs.
  • I've biked 20 and then 30 miles. 
  • I've run for over 50 minutes without stopping.  
  • I've never felt better. 
I have 50lbs to go and I've never felt so sure it could happen.

7/12 --> 6/13 --> 8/13