Monday, September 23, 2013


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26 has been a hell of a ride. It was perfect in every way. Here's a list of the greatest hits:
  • Went to Austin (a million times),  Lima, Cusco, Tahoe, Detroit, Las Vegas, Carmel, Paris, Dublin, Seattle and Forks. 
  • Started on a health journey and changed the way I eat and exercise changed my life. 
  • Had the honor of being in my best friend Misha's wedding in Austin.
  • Hosted a ton of great visitors at my apartment. 
  • Celebrated the nuptials of Shannon and Ivan in Peru! 
  • Hiked the Inca Trail with my sister and experienced 4 days of awesome with a great group of friends. 
  • Completed circus training with Sunday and made the call that we were done with training. 
  • Moved to Alamo Square park in San Francisco and bought a purple couch. 
  • Got promoted at work. 
  • Went blond.
  • Did a roadtrip to Forks, WA to check out Twilight highlights. 
  • Bought a matte black and magenta road bike and have clocked nearly 100 miles. 
  • Went to OutsideLands and saw a Beatle, Chic and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
  • Celebrated the end of 26 by hosting a purple potluck at my house. My awesome friends all wore purple, brought purple food, and generally made it an amazing success. I love them. 
Excited for 27. Carpe-fucking-diem.


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