Thursday, October 10, 2013

September: running, water and weddings

Another month that flew by with a lot going on. Work intensified as we headed to the end of a busy quarter and I kept plugging away at eating right and working out. I refused to let stress or travel set me back. I lost 5 lbs during the month, but continue to feel smaller in my clothes so I'm not too worried about the scale's progress. I can tell I'm gaining a lot of muscle and I generally feel awesome. I refuse to be discouraged because that means 5/50!

First 5K
Ran my first 5k in ages and clocked in at 33 minutes! That was really exciting. I ran a pretty steady pace and could feel myself naturally taking on those miles. It made me feel so much stronger. I only run once a week (with my dog) and so it is proof that my xfit and cardio sculpt classes are doing their job. The goal for the next one will be to be under 30 minutes! I love having fitness goals.

Drinking water
For my birthday, my friends, Dasha and Aron, gifted me with a with a new water bottle. I'll confess that I am terrible about drinking water and even worse only like to drink bottled water. So not only am I actively killing the environment, but I'm also dehydrated all the time. I've decided that October is going to be a gallon a day challenge. I anticipate that this challenge is going to be hard (but doable) and I'll be excited to report back in on my progress at the end of the month.

On being a sugar monster
Sugar is a big problem for me. Just having a bit makes me feel like a crazy person and the next day I immediately want more. It is literally all I can think about. I went to a wedding over the weekend that I knew wasn't going to be totally paleo friendly. I had cake and dairy and felt terrible for the entire next day. I didn't have a drop of alcohol but felt insanely hungover. Sugar, gluten and dairy are just no-nos for me. This cheat was planned but these cheats feel less and less worth it each time. The annoying part is that I know it isn't worth it physically, but the emotional part of me wants to celebrate and eat cake. I just have to be aware and take things one step at a time. Sometimes I wish it was easier, but it just isn't and that is what I have to be honest with myself about.

Weddings and progress pics
The wedding was exciting because it was a chance to dress up. This was also a cool turning point because the last wedding I attended (in Peru in December) I looked so swollen and big. That was even after having done Paleo for 2 months. In the picture below you can see a big change. I feel so much better and that is the best feeling. My sister has been doing Paleo as well (with less crazy exercise) and seeing big changes. It goes to show that everybody gets there in their own way. It's about making the right changes for you and not worrying about what other people are doing. Such a proud and inspiring moment for both of us. It's been a year of great changes for sure!