Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chhhaaaannggesss (and surviving them)

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I'll one hundred percent admit that the first thing I stop paying attention to when I'm stressed or overwhelmed is my health. It's dumb, but it happens. Something comes up and I don't have time to eat the right foods or can't get to my gym classes, everything falls apart. 3 weeks after my dark spiral, I'll usually look up and try to assess the damage and feel the deep regret that I'm back at square one. Or at least, that's what used to happen.

I'm not that way any more. In fact, I think my health and fitness goals are the things that ground me when I'm having a hard time or faced with a big change. Because my fitness journey is a commitment to myself, it is the one thing in my life that is constant. No excuses, just lots of dedication and work.

Next week, I'll start a new job at work. I'm changing offices, routine and lots of things that have contributed to the infrastructure of my success. I have been really freaked out about the change to my routine. Right now, my workout schedule looks like this:

  • Monday: crossfit
  • Tuesday: kickboxing or cardio sculpt
  • Wednesday: crossfit
  • Thursday: off day
  • Friday: weights/crossfitty things/ self workout
  • Saturday/Sunday: 3-4 mile run on one day 
The problem is that my new office doesn't have crossfit. It's sad to think about, but not the end of the world. Because I don't see fitness roadblocks anymore, I figure out solutions. I've been looking at my new locations workout options. The past 6 months of doing crossfit have changed my life and I'm so glad I've had that opportunity. Going into this new role, I'll have the first few weeks where I'll need to do more of my workout at home or at the end of the day while I adjust to the new schedule. That's ok and I'm going to figure it all out. This is what I've been thinking:  
  • Monday: body pump
  • Tuesday: spin 
  • Wednesday: November project or body pump 
  • Thursday: cardio barre 
  • Friday: off day
  • Saturday/Sunday: 3-4 mile run on one day 
The main thing I've taken away from this transition is the fact that I'm planning ahead. I've never planned before for something like this. Usually change happens and I go back to my self-destructive ways. My fitness goals are so important to me that I don't think I could even go back. I'm stronger, leaner, and more mentally prepared than I've ever been. This is so exciting. I'm also super pumped for this change in my life, and instead of being a roadblock - it's going to push me forward. 
Halfway to my goal! Feeling awesome and ready for 2014. 


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