Thursday, October 8, 2015


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It's taken me a couple weeks to think about this post because I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that it has been a year. 28 was the best year a million times over. I'm so thankful for this life I get to live.  Let's recap!

  • Ran my first half marathon. 13.1. The first 7 miles were awesome, the second 6 felt like I was running on a peg leg. More training was necessary, but my legs are pistons for cycling, not running. It was an epic fitness challenge and something I didn't think I was ever going to be able to do. But I did it. 
  • The day I ran that half marathon, I also flew to London for a week. It was the best little business trip and my awesome friend Kathleen came along for the adventure as well. We saw Charles III and sat in these crazy little box seats in London's west end. It was a super magical experience. After that, we hopped off to Bath to explore the world of Jane Austen. It's something I'd always dreamed of doing. We even made it up to Stonehenge to see what everyone had been henging about. 
  • Kathleen and I also made it to Copenhagen. If you haven't been, you should go! It's beautiful. A huge highlight for me was going to Tivoli and riding all the crazy rides, getting sick on said rides and then realizing that maybe I can't ride those rides anymore. Oh sweet youth! We packed so much in those few days in Copenhagen, but had the greatest time. 
  • I got to spend some time pre-Thanksgiving with my dearest friend, Misha. We've known each other since we were 15. Next year, I will have officially known her half my life. Isn't that crazy? We met as scared and awkward exchange students in France. That year bonded us into forever friends. This year I got to meet her second baby and spend time with my godson! Her family makes me so proud and full of love. I can't believe we've come this far. 
  • Hawaii with Lana was a highlight. Who knew that Oahu and Kawaii were such paradise?! So much paradise! Ok, apparently everyone who has ever been to Hawaii. I just didn't know how wonderful it would be or maybe I wasn't ready to believe it? It's so exotic yet so familiar. There is beach, there are acai bowls and so much beauty. I love that we did this trip together because we don't get to see each other that often. I'm hankering to visit the big island now.  
  • I went to Boston and saw familiar and beautiful faces. There is nothing like catching up with dear friends who know you so well that you. My friend, Laura, said something to me that made me pause. She told me (regarding my weight) "you look like I've always seen you. I've never thought of you any other way". It was something that made my breath catch because I barely see myself as the way I look now and I love how much she knows/sees me. I also spent a day catching up, Chaboozi, one of my favorite Northeastern friends that I have. The moment we saw each other we just spent the entire day non-stop gabbing and laughing. We went to so many of my favorite places in Boston together: El Pelon, MFA, and then Addis Red Sea. The sejour in Boston ended with my friend, Kristyn, who had I was so happy to see and catch up with. I hadn't been in Boston for so long that I'd forgotten how many important people to me are there. I'm so glad I took the time to visit and be with them.  
  • I got to see two of my favorite people marry each other. Tanya and Sebastian rank as some of my forever friends and I love that they are now married to each other.  The weekend was a big beautiful reunion with all of my Northeastern friends. It was so so so good.  My dearest friend, Eric, came with me and we had a marvelous time at the wedding and then road tripped to his hometown in upstate New York. It was a place I had always planned on visiting and it was so great to see his slice of life. 
  • Biked from Seattle to Vancouver with Ashley. Biking with my sister was a great thing in year 28. We went all over the Bay area training throughout the summer. 200 miles over two days was a crazy achievement and it made me dig deeper than I've ever dug before to finish out that ride, but we did it. We finished our biking season with my favorite tradition, Waves to Wine. There is nothing like spending 8 hours on your bike pushing yourself both mentally and physically. I'm still high off the fact that I'm able to do these rides. It feels like a privilege that my body allows me to do and this year was no exception. I became a stronger and more confident cyclist and it made a huge difference. Together with my friends, we donated 1k to support the MS Society! Fitness and service wrapped in one is my cup of tea.  
  • I've been in San Francisco for 4 years! Isn't that wild? I didn't know how long I would be here, but I have a tribe now and it is such a beautiful thing. Community is something you have to work at weaving together and I look at my life here and marvel at how wonderfully it has knit together. I can't imagine it any other way. These humans I get to be with all the time make me tremendously happy and I'm so lucky to share their story. 
  • I finished 28 off at my favorite restaurant surrounded by my favorite people. Ragazza, pizza, and my tribe were the perfect swan song to 28. 
28, you made my heart so full. 29, I'm so confident you'll deliver.