About me

Hi, I'm Brittany. I'm a curious, creative and whimsical human.

My dream at age 8 was to live in France. At 15, I made that happen. That year changed my life and set me on a path where living abroad and traveling is just a given in my life story. I've been lucky to have an amazing set of experiences and I wouldn't change it for the world.

When I was abroad in France as an exchange student, I used to write group emails to my family and friends. Those emails translated into blogging as I grew older (and platforms advanced) and I haven't looked back ever since. I'm passionate about technology and how it brings people closer together. When I think of doing a Google Hangout with my dad in Texas or my best friend in Australia, I can't help but just stand back and marvel at how amazing the world we live in is.

By day, I work in technology at my dream company. I'm completely inspired by the work that I do and the people I get to interact with. By night, I run around trick training my dog, Sunday, having dinner parties with friends, reading copious amounts of YA/Sci Fi/Fantasy fiction, and trying to make my part of the world a better place.

At the moment, I'm on a health and fitness journey and am actively working to make my life the best on both a physical and emotional level. It's hard, awesome and scary all at once, but I'm doing it.

I find pleasure in small and large acts of kindness, gratitude and whimsy.